St John's Episcopal Church Clayton, CA

St John's Episcopal Church Clayton, CA

St John's Episcopal Church Clayton, CASt John's Episcopal Church Clayton, CASt John's Episcopal Church Clayton, CA

Note from our Interim Vicar

Dear Beloved,

Home takes on a whole new meaning these days.

For those of us who usually go out to an office or school or whatever, we suddenly find

ourselves working or taking classes from our vast array of tech gadgets. Some of us are more

intuitively adept at this than others of us. Some of us, I may resemble this, are spending as

much time learning about how to work from home as actually working from home - thus doubling

our hours right now.

As someone who loves to learn, I don’t necessarily mind this sudden need to cram a course of

study for zoom or youtube or, whatever. But boy or boy do I get frustrated!

For my current household: husband Ray and daughter Anna and I, the biggest challenge is in

finding our own “corner offices” to be in while on the class or zoom meeting or old fashioned

phone call.

I like my little compact house - except right now.

I am mindful that I have to stop much more frequently and simply take a breath. To breathe in

the peace of God that passes all understanding and to breathe out the frustrations and

limitations of where we are.

I will say, the critters: Sundance the dog, April and Andy the cats - they are loving that they have

their humans around all day and are the beneficiaries of this sudden and constant


I believe we can learn something from our critter companions. Don’t you?


Holy Spirit Church
St. John's Clayton
St. Michael & All Angels Concord



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Holy Spirit Church


Holy Spirit Church - Communities of Courage and Compassion

In 2013, Bishop Marc Andrus invited St Michael's Concord and St John's Clayton to join together as Holy Spirit Church.  Each church maintains it's identity and location, while sharing the leadership of our Interim Vicar, Rev. Audrey Miskelley.  We join together to celebrate Eucharist for special feast days and other occasions throughout the year.  We share our strengths and our commitment to living the gospel. Together we are stronger!